Thursday, 9 January 2014


Hi S1-06!
                Here is the list of things I mentioned just now in class.

1. Please discuss with your Science Bloom's Taxonomy groups on what/how you want to do on your piece of space in the poster.Please make the effort to find out what group you are and what word you are supposed to do in by checking with your classmates if you don't know.Please note that since we were supposed to hand it in by Friday (tomorrow) and we have not even started yet we will have to ask for extension from Mr Ng.

2.Please also check your emails as there are few new ones.

3.Also,remember that you are not supposed to bring anything to ISH and MPH during Badge Night so leave whatever valuables you have in your lockers tomorrow.

4) Please Whatsapp me if I have forgotten to mention anything so that I can post and let the whole class know.

Rest well since it is going to be a long and tiring day tomorrow!

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