Friday, 31 January 2014

Happy Chinese New Year S1-06!

Happy Chinese New Year Everyone! Now is the Year of the Horse and let us enjoy this fabulous celebration of reunions, parties and festivities. Enjoy your holiday!

Thursday, 30 January 2014

Happy Lunar New Year!

Here' wishing you a prosperous Year of the Horse!
Gong Xi Fa Cai!
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Wednesday, 29 January 2014


1)Go to maths blog and key in your answer for the (sf) question.
2)Viva voce practice 1(due-7Feb 2359 h)-Compulsory

1)Complete the question in transport in human MCQ 7,8,9,10 ,section B Q4 and section C Q1(due 30-01-2014)
2)Watch video in science blog.
3)Assignment in science class blog.

1)ibook E-note pg 5&6
2)For those who have not uploaded your work of the introduction,please upload now.

1)Upload the chinese cinderella presentation on class blog.(by today)

1)Chinese presentation (Unique SST) due 02-07-2014.

1)Complete the logo design(for those who haven't completed it)due next ADMT lesson.

If I have missed anything pls comment to let me know.

Cyberwellness Conference

The following students are reminded to report for the conference today. Here are more details:

 Time: 2.15p.m.

 Venue: LO1

  Students involved:
                                   Ryan Cheong
                                   Yen Zhe
                                    Chee Yang

    Thank you.

    Ms Alex

Tuesday, 28 January 2014





Image from Google Images.                                              

Happy Lunar New Year

Dear All Chinese Students,


Lunar New Year Celebration

Date    : 30 JAN (THURSDAY)                
Time  0800-0845
VenueClassrooms / Blk C

Lunar New Year Concert Schedule
7:20-7:50        : Morning Assembly
8:00-8:45        : Classroom Decoration/Spring Cleaning and Lunar New
                             Year Card making / E-card creating.
8:50-9:00        : All staff & students to be seated at MPH
10:00                : End of Concert

1.      Classroom Decoration and Spring Cleaning
2.      Prepare LNY greeting cards for SST Staff (hand made card)
3.      Post LNY greetings/e-cards on class blog

Details of Classroom Decoration and Spring-cleaning

1 Decorations are allowed only within the classroom.
2 Double-sided or scotch tape are NOT allowed for sticking decorations on the wall.
3 Only blu-tac is allowed for sticking decorations on the wall.
4 The class is encouraged to use recycle materials.
5 Please do a spring-cleaning after the decoration and keep the class neat and tidy.

The total budget for the Lunar New Year decorations should not exceed $10.

Details of making Lunar New Year cards

1)      Every class will create a Chinese New Year Card each for:
(a) Form Teacher
(b) Co-Form Teacher
(c)  Staffs from SST (The name of the staff that is assigned to the class can be found in ANNEX A)

2)      Conventions in writing the Chinese New Year Card:
a.     The Name of the Recipient  (Please address them as Mr, Mdm, Ms)
b.     Sender (Please include your class)
c.      Well Wishes in both Chinese and English.

3)      Class Representatives (EXCO of the class, Chair person, Vice Chair person, Secretary and Treasurer) are to give the cards and mandarin oranges to their Form Teacher and Co-Form teacher during the Grand Finale of the Concert.
         If the staff is not present in the hall, EXCO members will deliver the cards and
         mandarin oranges after the concert.

Class Representatives are to assemble outside ISH to collect the mandarin oranges before proceeding to MPH at 0900

4)       Every class are to provide their own materials for making the Lunar New Year Card. The maximum size of the card is A4.

Details of  Designation Blessing Card in Classblog

1)       Bring your learning device on the 30 Jan (Thurs).
2)       Design your New Year e-card and post it on your respective class blog.

Free e-card:

Card Design:

Homework (28 01 2014)

Homework (28 01 2014)


1) Character study (For those who have not finished) (Due tomorrow) 
2) Diagnostic Test corrections


1) Corrections for group work and worksheet (Answers on google site )


1) Upload cell presentation on science blog
2) Finish copying science worksheet corrections


1) Upload IH e-jouernal on google drive (IH file)


1) Finish presentation on "put a dent in the universe", "kick start your brain" and "do what you love".


1) Finish the 4 logos for sea games 
2) File completed drawing of logos


1) Do unique SST presentation

Monday, 27 January 2014

Homework (01-27-2014)


1)Finish the slides.(Grp work-due tomorrow)


1)Find the answer to the questions.


1)Find out what is the difference between rounded off to 1 decimal place and 1 significant digit.
2)Revise for the math test tomorrow.
3)Sign the content page.(those who haven't)for what to fill in, check the email that Mr Desmond has sent.


1)Character study in google docs. (Grp work-due on next english lesson)
2)Do correction for composition.


1)Group work on presentation: Unique SST.(due-Term 1 Week 5 for the presentation and script ,
oral presentation is due in Term 2 Week 2)2)Sign diagnostic test and spelling.
2)Study spelling for friday. (click here to see the words)


1)Complete worksheet on diffusion and osmosis.


1)Complete the document.(due next IRS lesson).

If I have missed anything .

Homework (27 01 2014)

Homework (27 01 2014)


1) Composition corrections (Tomorrow if not Wednesday morning)


1) Revise for Mathematics test tomorrow


1) Science worksheet page 5 and 6


1) Revise Chinese spelling (Click here)

2) Unique SST 

Friday, 24 January 2014

Homework (24-01-2014)


1)Math e-note page 41 figure the thing teacher asked to.
2)Math workbook pg 13 Q19b,21,22e,h,i,24e,d,26e,d,h,29c,e & pg 18 Q39,41,43,44 (Grp work-due Mon).
3)Sign the content page.(those who haven't)for what to fill in, check the email that Mr Desmond has sent.


1)Character study in google docs (Grp work-due on Mon).


1)Group work on presentation: Unique SST.(due-Term 1 Week 5 for the presentation and script ,
oral presentation is due in Term 2 Week 2)2)Sign diagnostic test and spelling.
3)Do spelling correction(1-2 wrong 5x,3-4 wrong 10x).


1)Complete worksheet on diffusion and osmosis.


1)Complete the document.(due next IRS lesson).


1)CCA form to be handed in latest by Monday.

If I have missed anything pls comment.

Your daily schedule

Thursday, 23 January 2014


EXCO members please take note that our 1st official meeting will be tomorrow (Friday).As some of the members have CCA Tryouts tomorrow at 1.30 pm,we will start the meeting at 2.30 pm at the Info Hub.I will try to book the discussion room for the meeting.

Thank You

Red Packet Collection

Hi 106,
Please take note that if you have spare red packets at home,remember to bring them to school tomorrow and pass them to any of the students of S4-05 at ISH before 7.30am.

Thank You


Homework 23/01/2014

1)Math workbook pg 13 Q19b,21,22e,h,i,24e,d,26e,d,h,29c,e & pg 18 Q39,41,43,44 (Grp work-due Mon).
2)Sign the content Page.(due on tomorrow).

1)Character study in google docs (Grp work-due on Mon).


1) Group work on presentation: Unique SST.
2) Learn spelling (Press here to see the words).

1)Make sure your Fieldwork document is perfect (due-tomorrow).
2)Exchange file with your friends to get all the places in school (before IH lesson tomorrow).

1)Complete the document.(due next IRS lesson)(I think)

CCA form to be handed in latest by Monday.

Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Homework (22 01 2014)

Homework (22 01 2014) 


1) Page 33, Classwork Tier B (Tomorrow)

2) Page 35, question 3 (Tomorrow)

3) Topic 1 Review (Optional) 

4) Corrections


1) Worksheet: Transport in Humans (Do it when you are free) 

2) Worksheet: Diffusion and Osmosis, page 1 and Activity 2: Investigating Diffusion (Tomorrow)


1) Group work on presentation: Unique SST

2) Learn spelling  (Words are to be found here) (Friday)

Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Homework (21 01 2014)

Homework (21 01 2014)


1) Classwork Tier B (Page 28)

2) Read page 30

3) Mathematics corrections as there is file check tomorrow


1) Mindmap (For those that need to redo)


1) Cell presentation

2) Cell model (For those that haven't present yet)


1) 活动本 page 1,2,3 and 12

2) Learn spelling for Thursday (Words in Chinese blog)


Dear Minxuan,

Could you kindly submit your Giro form to Ms Yu Lei from the General Office, please?

Thank you.

Best wishes,
Ms Alex

Monday, 20 January 2014

Homework (20 01 2014)

Homework (20 01 2014)

1) Hand in your Assessment Plan form tomorrow. Kindly ensure that it has been signed. (In-charge: Rohan)
2) Hand in your CCA option form as soon as you're done with it.(In-charge: Laylo)
3) Jeremy and other Environment Committee members are advised to complete the Class Duty Roster by
    this week.
4) Exco members are advised to display our class motto and class goals by early next week.(In-charge: Elliot/Laylo)


1) 活动本 page 1, 2, 3 and 12 (Tomorrow) 


1) Mindmap on Communication (Tomorrow)
2) Diagnostic Test - Jeremy (1.55p.m. at S106)
3) Explore
4) Character Study. Complete your analysis on Google Presentation. Use Google Docs/ Google
    Presentation. This will be completed by Monday, 27 January 2014.)


1) Cell model (Tomorrow)
2) Cell presentation (Tomorrow) 

Code of conduct on blogs

Dear students,

Kindly adhere to our agreement on the code of conduct when posting entries on our blogs. Check the language used throughly prior to posting. When in doubt, check with your newly appointed Executive Committee members.

Thank you.

Best regards,
Ms Alex

Sunday, 19 January 2014

cell presentation

Group leaders of each group, please create a google slide and share it with your group members

Thank you

Saturday, 18 January 2014

Homework (17 01 2014)

Homework (17 01 2014)


1) MathEnote page 23 and 24 (Classwork Tier A)

Integrated Humanities  

1) Answer Page 5 and 10 from textbook


1) Cell presentation


1) Prepare for Chinese Cinderella Quiz


1) Question about super power 

cell research groups and topics

Please post your cell group and topic that your group want to research on here. i need the groupings by today 21 00 so i can sort all of you out for presentation.

Thank you

Friday, 17 January 2014

Talk by our DM

Dear students,

There will be a talk by our Discipline Master today. Here are the details:

Time: 11.55a.m.

Venue: MPH

Please ensure that you are seated on time and in an orderly manner.

Thank you and have a great weekend with your loved ones.

Best regards,
Ms Alex

Thursday, 16 January 2014

Homework (16 01 2014)

Homework (16 01 2014) 


1) MathEnote Classwork Tier A,B and C (Page 18 & 19)

2) Corrections (File in Mathematics file)

3) MathEnotes Page 23, question 3.


1) Chinese Cinderella Quiz (Saturday)

2) Practice Passage 2 (Mark and read)


1) Cell model (Groups of 4) (Tomorrow / Tuesday)

2) Group research & presentation (Tuesday)

3) Cell worksheet (Tomorrow) 


1) Watch video which is on google sites


1) 小练笔 (一)(Monday)

Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Homework (15 01 2014)

Homework (15 01 2014) 


1) Classwork Tier A, B and C (Page 18 and 19)
By Friday

2) Corrections


1) Cell model (Groups of 4) 
By Friday


1) Find a picture related to Integrated Humanities and write down a sentence on why you chose that picture. (Do it in iBooks Author)  

I & H

This is the photo about I&H

Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Homework (14 01 2014)

Homework (14 01 2014) 


1) Read 'Chinese Cinderella' 


1) Identify the parts of the microscope (In worksheet) 

2) Matching of microscope function (In worksheet)


1) Do corrections on Math homework 1. 

Monday, 13 January 2014

Our class motto and other matters

Dear students,

Based on our group discussions, I have organised our inputs here:

Class motto
May the results be in our favour

Class goals
1) Work hard. Play hard.
2) Treat others the way we would like to be treated.
3) Be responsible for our own actions.
4) Be passionate learners, taking ownership of our learning.
5) Be punctual at all times.

Class Code of Conduct
To persevere despite the obstacles that we may face.

I have adhered to our Hunger Games theme to the best of my ability.

Let me know your thoughts tomorrow.

Thank you.

Best regards,
Ms Alex

Important announcements

Dear students,

1) Please check your email and complete the 2014 Emergency Contact Relay system immediately.

2) Hand in your Dental Form and SDM update form by tomorrow. We are unable to extend the deadlines any further. Please send your friends a gentle reminder, if necessary.

3)  Complete all your homework. Adhere to the deadlines set by your respective subject teachers.

4) Vote for your Executive Committee by Tuesday, 14 January 2014. Mrs Tong and I will be interviewing the selected candidates to assess their suitability for the available positions. Vote wisely!

Best wishes,
Ms Alex

Homework (13 01 14)

Homework (13 01 14)


1) Find 5 words from the newspaper and find the meaning of it


1) File in Science worksheets in file.

Class Reminders :)

Hi S1-06,
Here are the reminders for class.
 1. Please bring and keep your EL class files(blue) in your lockers. (if possible by tomorrow)
 2. Please complete your notes for today's EL Class by tomorrow.
 3. Each group please bring 2 sponges/1 group as soon as possible.
  (We will discuss who brings the dishwashing liquid tomorrow in class.Don't worry about it for now.)      
 4. For people who forgot to bring SDM form please bring it by tomorrow.
    (There should be people call you tonight to remind you.)
 5. Please also remember to do and bring your Math homework(1st and 2nd homework) if you have not do so yet.
6 .IRS ~ Scribes,please send the IRS homework (questions on the Cold Spell in the US) to Mr Ron Tan if you have not done so.
7.Please remember to bring your Science Files(red) and file your Lab Safety Notes and Cell Notes by tomorrow.
8. Please remember to bring your Sketch Book and Designer Kit and place them in your lockers by tomorrow's lesson.
9.Also,please start thinking of ideas for your logos for ADMT.

Please Whatsapp me if I have forgotten to mention anything:)


Hi 106,
Here is the  last slide for those who did not finish copying just now during the EL Class.

CE Period today

Dear students,

Please proceed to the auditorium for CE today. You will need to be there before 1.10p.m.

Thank you.

Best regards,
Ms Alex

Friday, 10 January 2014

Homework (10 01 2014)

Homework for today (10 01 2014)

1)  Do Math Enote, Classwork Tier A,B and C(Page 12 and 13) on foolscap paper.
Hand in by Monday(13 January)

2) Science worksheet on Cells

3) Planetary Alignments worksheet (Not compulsory)

4) Cell model (Form groups of 4) (Is not required to do yet) 

5) Sign SDM form if you have not

6) Do up on I&H on Google Document.  

7) If u have not finish the Chinese survey and poster online, please finish it. 

8) Do I&H reflections on page 6. 

That should be all, if I missed anything out, please whatsapp me :) 

S1-06 Executive Committee Nomination

Thursday, 9 January 2014


Hello 106,
I forgot to mention that tomorrow after CCA Fair you have to be in class by 4.15pm.
Please tell me if I forgot to mention anything!
Take care!


Hi S1-06!
                Here is the list of things I mentioned just now in class.

1. Please discuss with your Science Bloom's Taxonomy groups on what/how you want to do on your piece of space in the poster.Please make the effort to find out what group you are and what word you are supposed to do in by checking with your classmates if you don't know.Please note that since we were supposed to hand it in by Friday (tomorrow) and we have not even started yet we will have to ask for extension from Mr Ng.

2.Please also check your emails as there are few new ones.

3.Also,remember that you are not supposed to bring anything to ISH and MPH during Badge Night so leave whatever valuables you have in your lockers tomorrow.

4) Please Whatsapp me if I have forgotten to mention anything so that I can post and let the whole class know.

Rest well since it is going to be a long and tiring day tomorrow!

Homework (09 01 2014)

Homework for today:

1) English:  Practice Oral Passage

2) Chinese: Do go to首页 to do your poster and survey.

Please note that Mr Desmond has not taught LCM, so homework for page 14 is cancelled.

Money Collection

Hi Everyone(again),
The following people please remember to bring the $ 3.40 requested by Ms Alex by tomorrow.

Photo Collection

Hi Everyone,
The following people please remember to bring your photos for Class Deco by tomorrow.
Chee Yang
Lim Yi
Yen Zhe

Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Badge Night preparations

Hi S1-06!

As said earlier, please be in class by 2.30pm after school. We will have to finish the classroom decorations, and Yee Theng and I will look through the presentation slides and photo montage that you have created. Please bring all the materials you need, and remember to complete your homework (if you have any)!

Thanks :D

Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Badge Night rehearsal

Hi S1-06!

Hope you had a good first day of lessons in SST.

Please take note that the Badge Night rehearsal is tomorrow (8 Jan) at 2.30pm in the MPH. Please come in your uniform and be punctual.

Thanks :D

Collection of Money

Dear students,

Could you kindly bring $ 3.40 tomorrow please? $2.35 is for your Character Education journal and the balance will be kept as part of your contributions to the class fund.

Thank you.

Best regards,
Ms Alex

Monday, 6 January 2014


Hey there all :) Hope the orientation has been a good time for you all to bond well as a class which you will be in for the next two years. Now for the announcements~

Temperature taking
Please bring along your thermometers for temperature taking tomorrow. Please report to your classrooms instead of the hall tomorrow.

Classroom decorating
Please bring along whatever materials you have agreed on bringing to class this morning as you will be staying back tomorrow to decorate your class for the showcase.

Regarding lessons and what to bring...
Please check your class timetable and gauge what you would need to have.

Also. Please complete your reflections by commenting on the post which Mrs Tong has put up for day three reflections. Another thing to take note of, you have about 3-5 more days to prepare for the showcase. Do get ready well and please get whatever sources from whoever you need to get them from as soon as possible.

Since tomorrow is already a school day and today has been really exhausting, please rest early today and get ready for school tomorrow ^O^

Reflections for Day 3 Orientation

*Temperature Taking Exercise*

Dear students,

Please remember to bring your thermometers tomorrow.

Thank you.

Best regards,
Ms Alex

Sunday, 5 January 2014

Cyber Wellness poster

Hello 106! Can the people in charge of making the cyber wellness poster email me ( and Yee Theng ( the poster by 6pm tonight. Thank you :)


Saturday, 4 January 2014

Announcement/ reminders


Class Decoration Details:

Please be reminded that you have to stay back on Tuesday (7/1) to do your class decoration. In the case where you can't finish the decorations, please also stay back on Thursday (9/1) to continue. 

Badge Night Dry Run:

There is a dry run on Wednesday (8/1) for Badge Night Ceremony after school. 


Please complete your reflections by Saturday (4/1), 2359h. Also, bring your thermometers on Monday and Tuesday (6/1 and 7/1) and temperature taking is on Tuesday. If there are any queries regarding the showcase, you can contact any of the PSLs. 

Rest well guys because Monday would be tiring as well (: 

Friday, 3 January 2014


Orientation Day 2 (3th Jan)
What to wear :
    Full school uniform
    - Please make sure your hair is kept short and tidy, for girls please keep your hair tied up.
What to bring : 
   Orientation shirt + SnW pants 
   Primary school PE attire
   Extra pair of covered shoes + socks
   Extra set of undergarments 
   Water bottle 
   Money for lunch

Homework : 
   Please complete all the work by the given due date. This is the link to the blog post about all the work    that you are supposed to complete. Please help each other out since it is a class work. For those who      are in-charge, feel free to approach your classmates if you need help. If you need more time for any        extension of due date when you feel that you need more time to complete, please inform us earlier.
* For Cyberwellness Poster, please send the file to instead of the previous email we gave you.

Reflection sheet for high elements : 
  The colored papers that were given to you today when you came back for high elements are for you to   reflect on yourself throughout the two days.
      1. Divide the sheet into 3.
      2. On the page with the heading "I am...", write your name after the heading.
      3. This is what your sheet should look like :
      4. Complete the sheet and hand it up to the PSLs on Monday 6 Jan.

  Reminders :
     1. Please remember to bring your reading materials for reading period tomorrow.
     2. Temperature taking exercise is next Tuesday 7 Jan. Please remember to bring your thermometers.
     3. Check the Students' Blog for your timetable. Link on the side bar.
     4. Any questions or if you need someone to talk to about any problems, you can approach me or any          other PSLs. Here is my number incase you need to contact me over the weekends : 92391238

Hope you will enjoy the rest of the orientation and do your PSLs & teachers proud! Drink more water and sleep early!.... but do not forget about what's needed to be done!

Reflections for Day 2 Orientation

Reminders for Orientation & Badge Night

To-Do List

By tonight (3 Jan 2014, 2359hrs)

- Day 1 Reflections
- Day 2 Reflections

By Saturday (4 Jan 2014, 2359hrs)

- Cyberwellness Poster (Send to,, | File name: S106 Poster)

By Monday (6 Jan 2014, 2359hrs)

- Day 3 Reflections

By Tuesday (7 Jan 2014, 1800hrs)

- Presentation Slides for Badge Night

By Thursday (9 Jan 2014, 1800hrs)

- Class Decorations

*This post will be updated as and when needed.

Discussion of Class Goals

Thursday, 2 January 2014

Reflections for Day 1 Orientation

2014 Sec 1 House Allocation

Dear S106,

Please purchase your S&W attire during your free time.


Wednesday, 1 January 2014

2014 Secondary One Orientation Schedule Summary
DAY 1 (2nd Jan 2014, Thurs)
DAY 2 (3rd Jan 2014, Fri)
DAY 3 (6th Jan 2014, Mon)
7.30am Report to ISH  
(Blk D)     

7.40am Flag Raising

4.00pm Dismissal from  
Auditorium (Blk A)
7.30am Report to ISH  
(Blk D)

7.40am Flag Raising

6.00pm Dismissal from MPH
            (Blk D)
8.30am Report to ISH  
(Blk D)

8.40am Flag Raising

4.30pm Dismissal from MPH
            (Blk D)

Attire & What to bring
DAY 1 (2nd Jan 2014, Thurs)
DAY 3 (6th Jan 2014, Monday)
- SST Official Uniform
 (Polo Tee, Pants/Culottes)

- Covered Shoes
 (Track Shoes/Canvas Shoes)

What to Bring:
- Learning Device
- Stationery & Notepad
- Water Bottle (at least 550ml)
- Money for break/lunch
- Consent Forms
 (To be collected by Form Teachers)

- SST Official Uniform
 (Polo Tee, Pants/Culottes)

- Covered Shoes
 (Track Shoes/Canvas Shoes)

What to Bring:
- Stationery & Notepad
- Extra pair of shoes
- Money for break/lunch
- Water Bottle (at least 550ml)
- Extra set of clothes
 (Primary School PE attire)