Monday, 13 January 2014

Class Reminders :)

Hi S1-06,
Here are the reminders for class.
 1. Please bring and keep your EL class files(blue) in your lockers. (if possible by tomorrow)
 2. Please complete your notes for today's EL Class by tomorrow.
 3. Each group please bring 2 sponges/1 group as soon as possible.
  (We will discuss who brings the dishwashing liquid tomorrow in class.Don't worry about it for now.)      
 4. For people who forgot to bring SDM form please bring it by tomorrow.
    (There should be people call you tonight to remind you.)
 5. Please also remember to do and bring your Math homework(1st and 2nd homework) if you have not do so yet.
6 .IRS ~ Scribes,please send the IRS homework (questions on the Cold Spell in the US) to Mr Ron Tan if you have not done so.
7.Please remember to bring your Science Files(red) and file your Lab Safety Notes and Cell Notes by tomorrow.
8. Please remember to bring your Sketch Book and Designer Kit and place them in your lockers by tomorrow's lesson.
9.Also,please start thinking of ideas for your logos for ADMT.

Please Whatsapp me if I have forgotten to mention anything:)


  1. 4. There should be people calling you tonight to remind you*
    (sorry wrong EL)