Friday, 3 January 2014

Reminders for Orientation & Badge Night

To-Do List

By tonight (3 Jan 2014, 2359hrs)

- Day 1 Reflections
- Day 2 Reflections

By Saturday (4 Jan 2014, 2359hrs)

- Cyberwellness Poster (Send to,, | File name: S106 Poster)

By Monday (6 Jan 2014, 2359hrs)

- Day 3 Reflections

By Tuesday (7 Jan 2014, 1800hrs)

- Presentation Slides for Badge Night

By Thursday (9 Jan 2014, 1800hrs)

- Class Decorations

*This post will be updated as and when needed.


  1. Is the Cyberwellness poster assigned to someone or is it a must do for everyone.

  2. john gao jiahao1/03/2014 9:25 pm

    it is assigned

  3. Where do we do the day 2 orientation reflection? or is it the same as that sheet of paper that they gave?

  4. Please take note. For the reflections you guys have to complete it on the blog post where you reflect about the whole of Day 2 and the sheet of paper is for you to pen down your reflections during the high elements course.