Monday, 6 January 2014


Hey there all :) Hope the orientation has been a good time for you all to bond well as a class which you will be in for the next two years. Now for the announcements~

Temperature taking
Please bring along your thermometers for temperature taking tomorrow. Please report to your classrooms instead of the hall tomorrow.

Classroom decorating
Please bring along whatever materials you have agreed on bringing to class this morning as you will be staying back tomorrow to decorate your class for the showcase.

Regarding lessons and what to bring...
Please check your class timetable and gauge what you would need to have.

Also. Please complete your reflections by commenting on the post which Mrs Tong has put up for day three reflections. Another thing to take note of, you have about 3-5 more days to prepare for the showcase. Do get ready well and please get whatever sources from whoever you need to get them from as soon as possible.

Since tomorrow is already a school day and today has been really exhausting, please rest early today and get ready for school tomorrow ^O^

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