Friday, 3 January 2014


Orientation Day 2 (3th Jan)
What to wear :
    Full school uniform
    - Please make sure your hair is kept short and tidy, for girls please keep your hair tied up.
What to bring : 
   Orientation shirt + SnW pants 
   Primary school PE attire
   Extra pair of covered shoes + socks
   Extra set of undergarments 
   Water bottle 
   Money for lunch

Homework : 
   Please complete all the work by the given due date. This is the link to the blog post about all the work    that you are supposed to complete. Please help each other out since it is a class work. For those who      are in-charge, feel free to approach your classmates if you need help. If you need more time for any        extension of due date when you feel that you need more time to complete, please inform us earlier.
* For Cyberwellness Poster, please send the file to instead of the previous email we gave you.

Reflection sheet for high elements : 
  The colored papers that were given to you today when you came back for high elements are for you to   reflect on yourself throughout the two days.
      1. Divide the sheet into 3.
      2. On the page with the heading "I am...", write your name after the heading.
      3. This is what your sheet should look like :
      4. Complete the sheet and hand it up to the PSLs on Monday 6 Jan.

  Reminders :
     1. Please remember to bring your reading materials for reading period tomorrow.
     2. Temperature taking exercise is next Tuesday 7 Jan. Please remember to bring your thermometers.
     3. Check the Students' Blog for your timetable. Link on the side bar.
     4. Any questions or if you need someone to talk to about any problems, you can approach me or any          other PSLs. Here is my number incase you need to contact me over the weekends : 92391238

Hope you will enjoy the rest of the orientation and do your PSLs & teachers proud! Drink more water and sleep early!.... but do not forget about what's needed to be done!


  1. hello its me rohan i accidentally posted my day i comment in day 2

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    Help!!!! i cannot attach the keynote file to gmail

  3. @rohan : recomment it on the day 2 post
    @john : try using your personal email?

  4. @jasmine what's handsome ryan's number