Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Say"NO!" to Plastics Day

Dear S1-06,
         On 24 July 2014, it is Say "NO!" To Plastics Day. Please remember to bring your personal reusable plastic cups and container tomorrow. For example, when buying Milo from Stall 7, the auntie/uncle will only give the normal amount of Milo into your cup. If this is done so, the stall owner will give you a slip. After receiving your slip, please pass it to our class Environmental Reps.

Environmental Reps are: MinXuan, Stevanus and Jeremy.

*For Environmental Reps: Please pass all your collected slips to Jeremy.

The most slips collected among the whole level will receive a MYSTERY prize!! Lets' save the Earth!!

P.S The environmental reps do not know what is the prize too, if you want to find out. Say NO! to Plastics to find out!

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