Thursday, 24 July 2014



Dear Exco members,

Please take note that there might be an Exco-meeting tomorrow right after school ends, please be reminded to stay back for it, it will not take up much of your time, hopefully. 

We would most likely cover these issues that have been brought up by teachers and our classmates:

1) Class seating arrangement (Discuss with Mrs Tong on someday if it does not work out)

2) Changing of uniforms in the classroom (Have been settled but just to be sure)

3) The attitude of the class / certain people in the class (Top priority)  

4) Roles that we should be doing (Within ourselves, there are some of us that are not doing our work

5) Change of the Exco committee (I am not sure of this but please take note)

Venue: Classroom 

Thanks, please remind the rest of the Exco members once you see this.

Terene S106

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