Monday, 21 April 2014

Post your ideas for the group challenge here


  1. Jeremy, Oliver, Emily, John, Nicolas and Justin


    1. Decrease price
    2. Add more features
    3. Make more contracts
    4. Give freebies to encourage others to buy the iPhone 10
    5. Add more signs
    6. Display the product's durability
    7. Organise showcases to convince people to but the iPhone 10

  2. MinXuan, Elliot, Yen Zhe, Stevanus, Gabriel and Joel

    1. Make it cheaper
    2. Buy 1 get 1 free case
    3. Cheaper warranty
    5. Get one year free data plan with every one phone bought
    6. Get vouchers for Itunes store
    7. Get discounts on electronics

  3. Rohan,Reagan,Lim Yi,Marcus,KS

    Ideas :

    1) Have discounts
    2)Decrease the prices
    3) Partnership with famous companies to boost sales.
    4) Upgrade,improve and innovate.
    5)Create new items that can only work with Iphone10.
    6)Advertisements ; TV,radio,posters etc.

  4. Ashwin,Ryan,Chee Yang,Terene,Gui Lu,Jaryl


    1)Promote the IPhone with advertisments
    2)Put the IPhone on sale
    3)Provide a variety of colours for the phone
    4)Buy 1 phone get the other phone at half the price
    5)Buy 1 get 1 free phone cover
    6)Let people try out the phone