Thursday, 17 April 2014

Good Friday Holiday Homework

Dear S106,
Happy Holidays! Below is the homework for the long weekend.
 Due Date/Type of Submission Task
Monday/ Google Drive & Edmodo ADMT :TA2 Info-graphics AA
Monday EL: Comprehension WS 
Continuous EL: Word Bank
Monday Math : Find the time you and your friends spent their time in social media and find the number of door you and your classmates have in their houses
Monday Physics:Forces Homework WS & Pg 2 and 3 of the Moments WS
Optional Physics : End-of-Year 2013 Practice Paper 
Preferably by today.Worst case,by Monday Physics : Performance Task (Mythbusters)
Monday Biology: Sign Level Test 1 & File
Preferably by today IH : Freshwater Ibook (Individual)

Tuesday /Print out IRS : Chapter 1 &  2 (Draft )
Tuesday / Export as PDF then email Ms Lee I & E : CPS Problem Solving .Ms Lee email :
1) People selected for Brunei GCP Trip, please return the form with a photocopy of your passport to Mrs Ong (ADMT teacher ) by 23rd April 2014.
2) Please take note that for IH,we have Chapter 6 (Map Reading) due on Tuesday.

Once again,Happy Holidays,rest well and get ready for CTs !

~ Chairperson ~ 

Please comment if I have missed out somethings.

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