Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Homework for 15 April 014

Dear S1-06,
Homework for today

1.Remove the video of hurdling, javelin, high jump and the picture of their peer assessment on the S&W blog.
2.Leave the best video.
3.S&W reps monitor your buddy.
4.Get physically ready for 2.4 on Thursday.

1.Finish till slide 18 for presentation
2.I try to move on if you can.(Submission Deadline-Thursday 2359 or Wednesday)

1.Improve on your file.
2.Put the 25 words into your vocab book.
3.Get ready for the comprehension test this week.

Chee Yang will post in the comments.

1.Do all the books that are marked and their corrections.
2.Study for Exam on Saturday.

1.Do the slides on effective study.

1.Download camscanner on your phone.
2.Do Class Work 1 (Tier B)
page 31 - 32
- Question 1: Writing paper
- Question 2: Graph paper
- Question 3: Writing paper
- Question 4: Graph paper

Class Work 2 (Tier C)
page 33 
- Question 5: Writing paper

Questions 2 and 4 are to be done on separate pieces of graph papers.
Questions 1, 3 and 5 can be done on pieces of writing papers.  

Yen Zhe will have to collect them and put into Mr. Desmond’s pigeon hole tomorrow.
3) 50-minute quiz on Linear Inequalities
4) Complete pages 34 to 36 of your worksheet and submit on Thursday.

1.Go to the website given, Click here
2.Do the 2 pages after the man and the cupboard of the worksheet.
3.Finish your video by Friday and report as soon as possible. Submit the video to Mr. Teng.
4.Tomorrow is the hard deadline for speed worksheet and physical quantities.

1.Finish the world map.
2.People who were called by Mr. Tan do the work that he told you to do.
3.Finish IBook on water by Thursday 2359 or Wednesday.
4.Make sure you have all the items in your IH folder.

1.Finish chapter 1&2 by next IRS lesson.
2.Peope who did not do their Lit Review please complete it as soon as possible.

1)Make sure you have submitted the CPS to Ms. lee already.

1.Optional-Make a ringtone using garage band and share it with Mr. Chua using Google drive.

Please comment if I have missed out anything.


Best regards,
Rohan Anil Khurana (19)

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