Thursday, 24 April 2014

Homework 24-04-2014

1)Finish Chinese letter writing by this friday. - 1 hour
2)Finish Chinese common test practice paper 2013 due next monday.(optional - recommended to do at least 1 question) - 1 hour 
3)Finish Chinese paper 2 Mock paper due next monday.(optional - highly recommended)- 1 to 2 hours

1)Complete corrections on the essay of an old abandoned mansion for those have not given due this friday. - 15 mins

1)Do finish the bar graphs. - 20 mins
2)Maths frequency tables and histograms due tomorrow. - 15 mins
3)Ace Quiz (optional - recommended to do before CT - 30 mins

1)Chapter 8  by sunday 11pm - 
2)Finish chapter 6 by friday - 50 mins

1)Sign Level Test 1 & File (Biology) -
2)level test practice and common test practice (optional) 1 - 2 hours
3)Page 4 and 6 of movement worksheet if you have not finish yet. 10 mins
4)Finish homework on moment due tommorow. - Explaining question is compulsory.

1)Slides about your idea and prepare to present them next I&E lesson -30 mins

1)Environmental poster due this friday. (stay back today 1.50pm to 3pm (estimated)
Jeremy's Group : the mirror place during our orientation.(Opposite the TDP Training)
MinXuan's Group : the giant steps (3rd & 4th floor) )

Please comment or whatsapp me personally if I have missed anything.

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