Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Homework 12/8/14


1) Bring your chinese file with all the worksheets neatly file in. (ASAP, probably this week)(Please indicate which worksheet is not file in and if possible, state the reason)

2) Chinese Textbook. From Chapter 13, please choose from Paragraph 2 to 6, the paragraph that you can read well. (Tomorrow)

1) Please complete the Oral Assessment by Wednesday, 13 August 2014, 5p.m. 

2) Performance task (25 August 2014)


1) Please get your group's final designs by the two-period blog, Friday as the making of the actual model will commence on Friday.

2) For those who have not handed in their individual Desk Tidy and Lamp Design Journal. Please done so immediately. (Late submission for one day, minus one mark!)

1) I&E presentation slide for your performance task, Draft (Next I&E lesson, 14 August 2014)

1) Please complete Science Practical 03