Saturday, 29 March 2014

Week 1

Dear friends,
I apologise for not being able to post this earlier as I was indisposed.
Please note that I am not informed of the MT homework and thus I will rely on MT representatives to comment the homework.
 Due Date/Time Task
It was actually due yesterday 9pm. EL: Slides on OCCRC (Groupwork)
Monday EL:  Sign the Level Test & Alternative Assesment
Continuous EL:Word Bank
Monday Physics: Homework  & WS pg 8&9
Friday,Week 4 ~ 18 April Physics: Performance Task
Latest ~ Monday Bio: Bio files ~ Mr Ng’s pigeon~hole
ASAP IH : the list of items in the IH Google Drive folder ~ Mr Tan showed the list before.
Next Week IH: the reflection on Freshwater Systems 
———— ADMT: Slides up to 18
It was actually due on Thursday 9pm. I & E : comment on 1 presentation on the blog
After CT but try ASAP IRS: Create new chapters for the topic you & team chose
——— Math : Revise for CT

Things to note:
ADMT - Please bring your ADMT Kit for the lesson.
Biology Remedial Class - the following people have been selected to attend a compulsory remedial class starting from April 1.
---Seminar Room
1)Lim Yi
2)Gui Lu
4)Chee Yang
---Multi-Purpose room
---Lecture Theatre
*Please double-check this list against the e-mail Ms Kassandra Lim has sent. 

That is all for Week 1.

With all my regards,

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