Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Hw 11/3/14

Home Work for today
1.Remove the video of hurdling, javelin, high jump and the picture of their peer assessment on the S&W blog.
2.Leave the best video.
1.March holiday HW- Finish the info graphic poster about yourself. More info on the ADMT Google site.
2.Get ready with the presentation for info graphics.
1.Do the practice comprehension by Thursday (Do the first page today) 
2.Revise your Comprehension skills. 
1. Leaders of the Chinese groups please remember to upload the Chinese Video and script.

1.Do activity book 6 including letter writing
2.Do language usage book synonyms till 20 and the sentences also.
3.Do the questions that are emailed to you
1.Do the slides on effective study.
2.Justin and Chee Yang remember to bring the CE papers tomorrow.
1. Make sure your file is ready to be checked by the HOD this week
2.Get your Level test signed.
3.Do the reflection for Level Test.
4.Be on your best behavior this week during Math since the HOD may come any time.
5.There are two ACE Quizzes to be done during the March holiday. Working to be given to Mr. Desmond After March holiday
1.Finish the sketches and send to Laylo.
2.Do the individual work for physics by Friday.
1.Do the eco link
2.Do the issue about the dolphins.
3.Do the Degar Montard (finish 1 and 2 first)
1.Look at your survey questions carefully.
1.Finish the presentation slides by the time schools reopens after March holiday.

1.Do the money planning (optional)

1.Tomorrow report to classroom.
2.Gental reminder the Reps are allowed to post the homework for their respective subjects on the respective blogs.

Please comment if I miss anything thanks :)


  1. Leaders of the Chinese groups please remember to upload the Chinese Video and script. Thank you

  2. Rohan, may I request you to reduce the font size to a much smaller size. The fonts are too big. Please make some changes thank you very much :D.