Monday, 30 June 2014

Back - to - school Matters

Heyy guys,
So a few gentle remainders:

1) The following people please take care of your grooming matters :

Fingernails : Marcus,Nicolas,Elliot,Gui Lu,Reagan,Ryan,KS,Lim Yi
Haircuts : Marcus

2) There will be temperature-taking exercise on Thursday ( 3rd July 2014).Please remember to bring your thermometers from tomorrow onwards.

3) Please remember to update your Student's Particulars page if you have any information that has changed.

4) Please remember to update any changes to the Class Relay System.John and Lim Yi,please update your phone numbers.

5)Please take note that our class Science Representative has changed to Ashwin.

On a  fun note,
 Mrs Tong has shared with us about the goals for our class,let us work together to make them true okay?
Goals :
1) No late submission of homework
Please Note : If after a week we have full on time submission for all subjects,we will have a small celebration. : )
2)Everyone tries to improve by a grade for Level Tests and EOYs.
Please note : If you have any troubles with your work,teachers and classmates are here to help you.

Below is the schedule for Term 3 :

Happy Back - to - School guyzz!


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