Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Homework (20 05 2014)


1) Percentage notes (June Holiday)
2) Assignment booklet (June Holiday)
3) Stem & Leaf worksheet (Due: tomorrow) 


1) Composition (June Holiday)


1) 2 worksheets- Additional Questions (Due: Next Tuesday/Wednesday)
2) 1 worksheet- June holiday

English Language
1) Comprehension - Blood Money (Refer to the EL Blog)

Please take note

1) Those who have not submitted their Fee collection for Enrichment & Extension programme, please submit it by tomorrow. (Wednesday, 21st May 2014) 

Laylo, kindly remind these students and pass the forms to Ms Alex.

Please comment if I have missed anything else. 

Thank you.

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  1. Heloo Terene,
    I am sorry that this is a late comment I think that you forgot about the other science homework. We should do Activity 4 & 5 of the Energy Worksheet. We do not need (or should not, not sure) to use the simulator. I am not sure about when this is due, but I think that this is due tomorrow if I am not wrong.
    Jeremy ()