Friday, 14 February 2014

Why is it important for Total Defence to involve every Singaporean and every sector of society?

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  1. • Joel:
    • We make sure the Indonesians destroy the trees in such a way that the haze from the fire is burned in another way.
    • Jeremy:
    • Civil defence because everyone worked together to find a cure and to prevent the SARS outbreak.
    • Ryan:
    • We have to buy more N95 masks and give them to the needy so they are more healthy and wont have breathing problems and other stuff like that.
    • Ashwin Suresh:
    • They supported the social pillar of defense, because they supported each other through the crisis.
    • Lim Yi:
    • The Indonesians should have been destroying the trees in a more eco-friendly way (although cutting trees are not eco-friendly) like cutting them down with axes and not burn them, at least they would not create haze and that they can also harvest the wood.

    Ashwin, Lim Yi, Jeremy, Terene, Joel and Ryan

  2. It is important as people are ready for unexpected crisis,and strengthen the nation with the government with the resolution of the crisis.Having everyone involve in

  3. Total defence involves every Singaporean and every sector of society as everyone in Singapore has to play a part in Total defence. The haze problem in 2013 shows the pillar of Civil defence and social defence. It shows that we are taking care of one and another to ensure that Singaporeans, Permanent Residents and tourist in Singapore during that time are safe and sound. This shows that there is social defence as every Singaporean is helping one another and ensuring everyone has a mask to stay healthy and not breathe in the bad air.
    Gui lu, Min xuan, Oliver, Justin, K.S, Goh Chee Yang

  4. Laylo:
    As people of all races,religions and languages live side-by-side,the Social Defence is strengthened through their everyday lives/incidences.
    The HDB policy is that we are not allowed to litter onto the first floor to prevent anybody from getting injured.
    Yen Zhe:The HDB policy helps in social defence because people of different races live together in one block.The HDB policy stated that people of all races must live in the block,which clearly describes Social Defence.
    John:The HDB policy allows people to have closer contact with each other and build more relationship allowing people to help each other out when in need.

  5. jaryl: During the sars outbreak, we helped to stay home and prevent SARS from spreading and worked together to overcome the problem. During this period, we showed economical defence as we built a strong robust economy and sustained Singapore through economic challenges and national emergencies.